Testimonials and Examples of Our Work

Audio Recording for Producing Vocal MP3 Products: Training and Consulting and Advice
Michael Gee

Feedbac left on Facebook: "I've just completed an amazing training day with Mark Zaretti on all things audio. I learned so much, I can highly recommend Mark he knows so much about audio, filming and all media stuff including websites! It was one of the most enjoyable training days I've attended. Thanks Mark."

Michael Gee
Company Owner of Tameside Hypnotherapy
Testimonial For IT Business Consulting in India, Bangalore

Vinay and Abhishek from Think Links Training in Bangalore, India provide this video testimonial about the business consulting service I offer clients. I provided them with consultation and guidance on rebranding, website improvements and business focus.

Vinay and Abhishek from Think Links Training
Testimonial For Filming Live Tradeshow Events and Product Launch Presentations

In this video testimonial, Steven Trim, founding director of Venomtech Limited, the UK's only provider of venom for scientific research discusses the benefits of using online promotional movies for client engagement and product promotion. He also describes his experience of working with Zaretti Consulting (Spartmedia) and why he choose to use Mark for their live tradeshow events filming and presentation capture.

Steven Trim
Director and Founder of Venomtech Limited, UK.
Professional Filming for Japanese Hospitals and Medical Training Companies

Dr Masa and Kimiko Bokura discuss their experiences of working with Mark Zaretti in Japan 2013. I was hired to film at a hospital in Hiroshima for a number of short interviews. While there they asked me to also film a promotional tour of the hospital. It was a fascinating project.

Dr Masaki Kono from Wakaba Ryoikuen Hospital in Hiroshima & Kimiko Bokura
Testimonial For a Revamped Dentist Website in London, UK
Iradj Reza, Bright Smile Dental Clinic

Many thanks ... for your expert and professional efforts in redesigning the BrightSmile dental clinic website. Your advice and assistance throughout the process has been invaluable. Your experience and advice really helped us to redesign our websites and utilise some of your valuable plugins for news/blogs and photos. We will continue our excellent relationship and collaboration ... and will highly recommend their services to our dental colleagues and other businesses. Thanks again Mark and the rest of ... team.

- Feedback placed on our Facebook page (prior to the company name change).

Iradj Reza, Bright Smile Dental Clinic
Director of Marketing
Karen Moxom from the ANLP

We've developed a customer managment system for the ANLP which includes a website, database and backend systems. Here Karen, the manager of ANLP discusses working with Sparticle to deliver this bespoke web solution.

Karen Moxom
Managing Director
Rob Sayles - Professional Guitar Teacher and Founder of ProGuitarSkills.co.uk

This testimonial was shot during a professional online film shoot for the proguitarskills.co.uk website. Rob Sayles busines owner of Pro Guitar Skills gives direct feedback on his experience of getting Zaretti Consulting (then called Sparticle) to design and build his business website and our production of his online promotional movies.

"I found them absolutely spot on every step of the way from communications right through to the actual design and look of the site itself. I found the team very easy and informative to work with... I would highly recommend ... without a doubt!"

Rob Sayles
Owner of Pro Guitar Skills, West Yorkshire
Venomtech - Winner of 2012 ELRIG "Best Technolgy" Prize

Director Steve Trim discusses the benefits of working with us to provide his business website and online backend solutions as he grows his UK based startup biotechnology business.

"Migrating our website over... then very quickly we were able to professionalise the website... very important for attracting the high value customers"

"As a small startup business... the main computing solutions that we needed to address were organisation of our client database as well as website visibility..."

"Working with ...we've been able to reach a wider audience."

"Venomtech chose to work with ... to make use of their cost effective website migration package and then later on to make use of their custom services to build exactly the website we need to target our customers in the best way possible... have given us the online tools to be able to reach that wider audience such as our spartpress plugin to get the latest news on our awards that we're winning. We see Venomtech working with them to further develop our capacity of organisation of our structure, building a custom database that can actually link into our website and show live product updates."

Director Steve Trim BSc. MSB.
Founder of Venomtech.co.uk
LinkedIn Recommendation: Venomtech - Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Steve Trim

"Mark and his team produced an excellent migration, optimisation and update of my web presence. This was delivered ahead of schedule with good feedback and progress through out.

I would definitely recommend Mark and his team at Sparticle to anyone and will be using his services for future projects."

Steve Trim
Company Director
LinkedIn Recommendation: Edinburgh Bioquarter - Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Diane Harbison PhD MBA

"I had worked with Mark previously when we were both part of the Bioinformatics group at Pfizer. When I moved to the Edinburgh BioQuarter we were looking for a company to provide support for the BioQuarter web site. Mark Zaretti and the Sparticle team combine the virtues of great creativity, on-time delivery and competitive costs to deliver a great all-round web offering that goes all the way from website design through to social media and SEO optimisation. We worked with Mark on all aspects of the web development process and have been impressed at every stage. I have no hesitation in recommending Sparticle's work to any other potential customers."

Diane Harbison PhD MBA
LinkedIn Recommendation: Website Design for Professional Consultant
McIntosh Scientific

Mark is a positive friendly professional with a "can do" attitude. He quickly demystified the process of website construction and development for me and produced what I needed on time and without (my!) stress.

He is always available to answer my questions and I recommend him without reservation."

McIntosh Scientific
Commercial Photography Training for Aqua (AQ/AQ) Fashion Designers
Beren from Aqua Couture (2012)

"I can definitely recommend Mark's photographic consultancy services! We have a small studio in which we shoot clothing on mannekins for our website. Our funky new website was being hugely let down by very poor images. We decided to enlist the services of Mark Zaretti to come in and work with the kit that we have to improve the quality of our images. He taught us in a very easy to understand manner, explaining the theoretical and practical elements of how to operate the camera in it's manual setting. He also showed us how to position light sources and how changing their positions relative to the subject can bring out details or hide blemishes, depending on what I was trying to achieve. After that, we worked in Photoshop to adjust the levels and white out the edges of the images to make each one look slick and clean. I came away from the meeting with Mark feeling impressed with myself that i'd retained so much of what he said, but then I realised that it was HOW he taught us, which made me retain the information. Very impressed.. we're now very proud of our website!"

Beren from Aqua Couture (2012)
Head of Website Development and Marketing
From the directors of LionAid - A national Charity
Chris Macsween

Congratulations on the continued success of Sparticle Ltd, Website Design and Marketing.

I visited them today in their beautiful new offices at Studio 4, Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7FG... ...If you are looking for a website designer, I can wholeheartedly recommend Sparticle who built the new LionAid website.

Always a pleasure to work with these guys - very professional and always there to offer support and advice when it is required!

Chris Macsween
Founder of LionAid an Internationally active Charity

When I first realised that I needed to create a website for my business I really didn’t know how or where to begin.
Sparticle soon demystified the process for me. After requesting the necessary content information, we discussed my design preferences, they offered me options and in a very short time my website was online. I can modify it whenever I like and therefore it will grow with my company.
The whole process was very fast, friendly and interactive. If I have any questions, someone is always there to help.

Deirdre McIntosh PhD. McIntosh Scientific Services
Feedback from Business & Marketing Training course, which Mark Zaretti, Director of Sparticle Ltd was co-hosting

"I found the day extremely helpful, I did not go with pre-conceived ideas of the what the day would entail, I went with an open mind. I gained a lot of knowledge from the course on how to progress within the current climate, it was certainly a 'food for thought' day. I have lots of ideas now to put into practice and quite excited at the prospect.

Sometimes on courses one finds oneself looking at the time and getting a little tiresome and bored, I can honestly say the whole day went extremely quickly, at no point did i look at the time, and I would certainly go on a similar course again. Nick Kemp and Mark Zaretti certainly kept the day interesting and informative too..."

Julie Doidge, Yorkshire
EnviroDri: IT Training

"The professional and friendly service I received from Sparticle Limited was indeed a pleasure when they recently carried out some in-house IT training. The minefield of IT which I sometimes find myself treading through was very thoroughly clarified and explained in a relaxing manner. Using portable video cameras they filmed as they demonstrated the procedures I wanted to learn, and provided me with these videos at the end of the session. Having these videos has been very beneficial and really added to the value of their training."

Lorna Osborn, Carpet Maintenance Specialists Ltd, Broadstairs, Kent
T M Hurley Accountancy Services: IT Training

"By providing relevant IT Training, Sparticle Limited have introduced me to the world of computing giving my business a greater degree of efficiency. I find them readily available to give me advice and my contact with them will definitely be ongoing."

Terry Hurley
www.thensg.org.uk: Business to Business Product

"The system is great - our business clients in local government and the utility sector love the simplicity of the interface, it has made their jobs and hence our jobs much easier and more productive... Many of the manual tasks we used to face have now been automated freeing up a lot of time."

Nick Turner, Business Development Manager, Intelligent Addressing
RD&T: Website Design Consulting

"Sparticle Limited provided excellent creative ideas in website marketing and design. Their services were invaluable."

K. Royer, Director RD&T
Pink Ink Tattoos @ Evolution Skin Studios in Kent, UK

"Thanks for making that video Mark, it's really generating more business because people can see me working and so they have more of an idea about what it's like to get a tattoo. Also thanks for helping me to get it on youTube and facebook and it looks great in my site too :) The last time I checked it's getting more and more hits so it's definately a smart way of advertising."

Helen Porter, Kent
Company Director
Natural Effects Semi-Permenant Make-up Clinic

"Thanks for the magazine advert design - the feedback and response has been great!"

Natural Effects, UK

Just Some of Our Clients:

You've probably noticed that some of the testimonials refer to Sparticle Ltd, Spartmedia or Zaretti Photography. That's because ZARETTI Consulting Ltd was previously called Sparticle Ltd. Sparticle Ltd merged with Spartmedia who had previously merged with Zaretti Photography. For more information have a look at the who page.

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