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ZARETTI Consulting provides expertise in online solutions for businesses, individuals, charities and schools. These fall broadly into five main areas:

Services for Improved Client Conversion and SEO
For any business, project, charity, or organisation to be successful, they will need many of the services listed above, and of course your requirements will change over time. Some businesses make the mistake of thinking "all you need is a website". Of course you do, but it's only a (vital) part of an overall online strategy. When you work with ZARETTI Consulting, I can provide expertise across the spectrum of skills needed to help you. In effect I'm a one stop shop for your business' online support, services and training needs.

Services for Improved Client Conversion and SEO

Full List of Consultancy, Services and Support

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How to Find Your Server Instance in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management Console

So what if you've been used to dedicated servers or VPS and you're making the move to AWS (Amazon Web Services) …

Mark Zaretti - 28th February 2017

How to Reply to Comments on Your YouTube Videos: Solve "Comment failed to Post" Issue

Sometimes when replying to your followers comments on YouTube you will see "Comment failed to Post" which apart …

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Safely Make an Archive Copy of Your Emails From an IMAP Server to Your Hard Drive Using Thunderbird

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Mark Zaretti - 14th February 2017

Improving eCommerce Client Conversion with Spartcart - our Online Shopping Cart Plugin

Spartcart is our online sales/ eCommerce plugin which allows our clients to sell physical/digital (eBooks, MP3s …

Mark Zaretti - 14th July 2016

Setting up Mirrored Software (MDADM) RAID1 Array on Ubuntu 14.04 Without Loosing Existing Data On Disks Larger Than 2TB.

This is a technical article about Ubuntu and setting up RAID arrays. A little background: I'm all for supporting …

Mark Zaretti - 17th November 2015

Testimonials From a Client Who is Ranked First Place in Google Searches For Her Keywords

You may remember Jessica Bowie, the Ukulele teacher from Leeds who we recently built and SEO'd up a site for. …

Mark Zaretti - 11th November 2015

Supercharge Your Email Contact Forms - Avoid the Worst Mistakes People Make With Online Email Contact Forms

If you've got a website then chances are you will have a contact form so your clients can easily send you an …

Mark Zaretti - 5th November 2015

Why Making Your Website Mobile Friendly Improves Client Conversion

I've already talked at length about why you need to update your sites to mobile friendly in this video blog

Mark Zaretti - 13th August 2015

Google Rank Mobile Friendly Websites Higher in 50%+ of Searches. Find Out What This Means For Your Website

I could have said that if your website is NOT mobile friendly then it's going to be down ranked in about 50% of …

Mark Zaretti - 23rd March 2015

Website Case Study: Updated Venomtech Website to Reflect Business Growth in Science & Research Sectors

Venomtech Ltd are a fast growing UK company who in a matter of years have become the UK's leading supplier of …

Mark Zaretti - 28th February 2015

Private Photography Training Lessons - Understanding ISO and How it Works Comes Up Often

This morning I was in a cafe in LS28 running a private one to one photography training class with one of my …

Mark Zaretti - 9th February 2015

Getting Ready for Teaching DSLR Photography Lessons and Filming in the UK

I'm just sorting out my photography and filming kit as I'm about to head off the the UK for a number of …

Mark Zaretti - 5th February 2015

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