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I've already talked at length about why you need to update your sites to mobile friendly in this video blog but in case you've missed it here's the main reasons:

  1. Google now preferentially ranks websites which support mobile devices over equal sites which do not.
  2. Mobile usage now accounts for the majority of website activity.
  3. Mobile websites are easier to use on mobile devices.

Case Study: Tameside Hypnotherapy Website

Michael Gee, who is the owner of Tameside Hypnotherapy contacted us recently and asked us to upgrade his website to mobile friendly and as you can see we've done it. Michael is an intelligent and professional person who understands the benefits of technology very well since he has a technical background. So he understood the advantages of making his site mobile friendly. When we discussed his particular project we also took into consideration his client base. Michael works with client who need various forms of therapy. This is a wide base of clients for his Tameside based therapy clinic. So when you consider who might be searching for him it's clear that they represent a broad spectrum. They are also searching on mobile devices, since people often search the moment they realise they need assistance rather than waiting till they get to the office or home.

Mobile Friendly PHP website conversion



Easier to Use on Mobile = Better Client Conversion

Looking at point 3. above "easier to use" then the obvious advantage for Michael, is that when his clients find his website on a mobile device such as an apple iPad, Samsung Smart phone etc. they find it easier to navigate and interact with his website. This obviously means they are more likely to be converted into clients. It helps his visitors and it's good for his business too.

And Google like the results too which means better search engine ranking for his website.

Google Mobile Website Test


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