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I could have said that if your website is NOT mobile friendly then it's going to be down ranked in about 50% of Google searches. But I prefer to look on the positive side. By making your website mobile friendly you will potentially rank higher than your competition who are not mobile friendly and this could be the single most efficient way of getting higher in search ranks. In this video I go into detail about the changes Google have made to how they rank sites for mobile searches. In case you're wondering, mobile searches now account for at least 1/2 of all searches. That's 50%+ and this is only going to increase! Can you afford to ignore this?

Explainer Video: Understanding Google Down Ranking & Mobile Friendly Web Design

This is so important to you if you have a website that I took the time to make a video to explain this further and show you some real examples.

Google Down Rank Websites In Mobile Searches which Do Not Support Mobile Devices

As of 2014 the number of mobile devices online is more than the number of static (desktop/laptop) devices. This means that when someone searches, about 50% of the time they are doing so from a mobile device (also includes smart TV's, Tablets, smart watches, games consoles etc). If your site is not mobile friendly then your site will be down ranked in their search results... simple.

mobile versus static devices 2014

The above graph is courtesy of comScore and is copyright comScore. It is used here with full credit given to comScore.

How to tell if your site is mobile friendly?

Google have their own (sensible) criteria for determining "mobile friendly" which includes the spacing of buttons, the size of text, how a website responds to smaller screens etc.
Go here and test your website for free:

Google's Free Mobile Friendly Website Checker

We've recently upgraded the website for Studio 4 Dimensions, property renovations and architecture firm in London and Harrogate and their site now passes the Google mobile test as shown in this picture below:

Studio 4 D site passes the google test for mobile support


Of course we did a lot more than just pass the test, because the test isn't a judgment on how good your site is, only if it is mobile friendly. We also did a lot to improve the client conversion, usability and search engine optimisations (SEO):

Website overhaul for improved usability and SEO

This is a Great Opportunity for You to Get Ahead of Your Competition

Even if your not ready to update your website right now, you should definitely add "Make my website mobile friendly" to your marketing todo list. If you've found this information helpful then please go  ahead and hit those share buttons below which helps support me in making this information available. Thanks!

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