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Sometimes when replying to your followers comments on YouTube you will see "Comment failed to Post" which apart from being frustrating may leave your followers feeling like you're not interested. Ideally you want to reply straight away. So what is going on here.

Well firstly this looks like a buggy feature in YouTube and so it may be fixed some time soon. That said people have been reporting it for a few months so clearly it's not high up the priority list for Google/YouTube to sort out.

How to Fix the "YouTube Comment Failed to Post" Issue - Method 1.

1. Log into your YouTube Account.

Once you've logged in you'll see your logo/picture in the top right corner. Next to that you'll see the notifications bell and it will tell you if you've got any notifications. See the big red arrow in the picture below.

Youtube issue fix

OK so go ahead and click on the Notifications Bell.

2. Review your YouTube Notifications telling you people have commented on your videos

When you click on the Notification Bell then you'll see a drop down list of the notifications. Go ahead and click on the comment you want to reply to. You can also delete the comment etc.

Youtube replying to comments

Just click anywhere on their comment to reply or delete the comment. For this tutorial we're going to want to reply.

3. See the YouTube Comment under the Video and Reply

Replying to Youtube comments

When you click on the comment in the Notification Bell section then it will redirect you to the video and highlight the comment with the reply text box ready and waiting for you. You can reply to any comment by simply 1) click on the "Reply" link. 2) Write your message in the speach box. 3) Hit the blue "Reply" button. Of course that's the theory and it should work fine. But sometimes you'll see an error like below:

Comment Failed to Post youtube error

4. Solving the "Comment failed to post" YouTube Bug

It seems like this bug is designed to stop people who are spamming comments.

The fix: Go up to the video and click the play button. Let the video play for a short period of time and then you should be able to hit the "Reply" button and it will work. I found it worked by getting to the point where you could "skip this add" clicking "skip" and then I was able to post without problems. Other people say about 10-15 seconds.

How to Fix the "YouTube Comment Failed to Post" Issue - Method 2.

The second method is to get to the comment from the back door and then edit it.

1. Access your "Creator Studio" in YouTube.

Assuming you are logged into your YouTube account simply click on your picture in the top right corner of the screen and then click the "Creator Studio" button.

Log into your Creator Studio in YouTube

This will take you to the backend where you can manage all kind of things including comments.

2. Go to your YouTube Community Comments Section

On the left hand side, click on "Community" and then "Comments" and on the comment you want to reply to you can simply click the little "Reply" link as shown below:

Reply to Community Comments in YouTube

3. Leave Your Reply to a YouTube Comment

You can then type out your reply and hit the "Reply" button to publish it.

Reply to a youtube comment

Did you Know You Can Delete, Block and Manage YouTube Comments Easily.

While you're here in the Community Comments section it's worth pointing out that you can do more than just reply.

If you click on the flag icon to the top right of a comment you have a lot more choices of what you can do.

delete or block a comment on youtube

This will then present you with further options:

Youtube report a message as spam

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