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Spartcart is our online sales/ eCommerce plugin which allows our clients to sell physical/digital (eBooks, MP3s etc) or online subscription products from within their sites. It has a range of features such as affiliate sales support, discount coupons, integration into other systems, programmable shipping and bulk discount rules.

Recent updates to Spartcart for even better sales conversion

We have added new functionality for 2016 to further boost client conversion, helping visitors become purchasers. I'll discuss some of these key changes below:

1. Adaptive "Add to Cart" buttons

An important sales strategy is to provide free products like eBooks or MP3s to gain client loyalty but the button to get these freebies was the same as the button to purchase, and so some clients were put off clicking. Now when the item is a FREE item the button adapts to reflect this and shows "Get this for FREE" rather than "Add to cart".

How the button looks when the item is FREE:

Free item buttons

How the button looks when the item has a price:

costed item button

2. Independant Styling for the price of FREE items

When an item is FREE then its price is shown as "£ FREE" but we wanted to allow this to be customisable and really stand out. So now the FREE price is within an html element which can have a unique style applied. This means that if you want it to be for example, twice as big, green and bold (like the example below) then you can have it! Speak to us about implementing these style changes. It's about 10 mins work and will be customised to your sites styling.

Independent styling


3. Improved Item Added to Cart Messaging to Link Directly to the Cart

When a client adds an item to their shopping cart they get a message confirming that the item was added. We have now added a link directly to the shopping cart from within this message so that it is even easier for them to progress to the shopping cart. Easier = better conversion.

The example below is from

Review your cart link

NB: The style of the link is completely customisable. In the example above it has been made to look like a button so it really stands out.

4. Straight to Cart for Better Sales Conversion.

If you've got a key product and you want to offer a more streamlined experience then we can now add a straight to cart button for products. These buttons can be added anywhere in your site (or on another site) so allow you to have a sales page, for example an adwords landing page outside of the shop.
Contact me for more information.
It takes about 10 mins to setup the button for a product and add it to a page. A good example of this is seen on the sales landing page for Helen Mia Harris's online program.

5. Straight to Cart Automatically for all Items

If you want the default behaviour to be that when someone adds an item to their cart it automatically redirects them to their cart and the start of the checkout process then read on! This is ideal for sites which usually only sell one or two items at a time. It streamlines the sales process and thus makes client conversion higher.

To enable this feature you simply log into the spartcart backend and click the checkbox under the settings section as shown below: You can turn this on or off as often as you like.

Changing the spartcart settings for direct to cart

These are the main improvements we've made recently but there are others and we continue to monitor and adapt all our plugins to ensure they continue to perform well.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 10:24

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