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This short film is a lovely exploration of filming using a L.C.W. Mark II variable 77mm ND(Neutral Density) filter to allow shallow depth of focus on a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR run and gun rig. Shot in the lovely Calverley woods with Franka. The footage you see is exactly what came out of the camera, no colour grading, balancing, image stabilisation, fading or any other effect has been done.

As you watch you can notice the shallow depth of focus that comes from shooting with a wide aperture 50mm prime lens at f1/4 and the ISO is at 320 with shutter speed of 1/50 throughout. The only thing that is changed is the variable ND filter and focal point.

But forget all this technical stuff, sit back and enjoy the beautiful Calverley woods just before sunset. The song is "Days Like These" by the beautifully talented singer songwriter Lucy Kitt who is based in Kent.

Following from the video there is a behind the scenes discussion where you get to find out more about the equipment and techniques used including Canon 5D mk iii, Zacuto Z Finder 2.5 Pro, Sigma 50mm Prime Lens, Jag35 DSL rig, Genus Follow focus, ND Filter and so forth. Enjoy

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