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Below are some of the articles Mark Zaretti has authored for professional journals and magazines. Click on the picture to view each one. You can also follow him on his blog.

Social Media Marketing for Real People

Social Media Marketing For Real PeopleArticle

Published in Rapport Magazine Feb 2012. Written by Mark Zaretti.

Promoting Your Business with Online Movies

Promoting Your Business with Online Movies

Published in Rapport Magazine Nov 2011. Written by Mark Zaretti.

Multimedia Marketing

Multimedia Marketing Article

Published in Rapport Magazine Sept 2011. Written by Mark Zaretti.

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How to Reply to Comments on Your YouTube Videos: Solve "Comment failed to Post" Issue

Sometimes when replying to your followers comments on YouTube you will see "Comment failed to Post" which apart …

Mark Zaretti - 15th February 2017

Safely Make an Archive Copy of Your Emails From an IMAP Server to Your Hard Drive Using Thunderbird

OK so here is the scenario. You've got a lot of emails on an IMAP server but your server needs to change or you …

Mark Zaretti - 14th February 2017

Improving eCommerce Client Conversion with Spartcart - our Online Shopping Cart Plugin

Spartcart is our online sales/ eCommerce plugin which allows our clients to sell physical/digital (eBooks, MP3s …

Mark Zaretti - 14th July 2016

Setting up Mirrored Software (MDADM) RAID1 Array on Ubuntu 14.04 Without Loosing Existing Data On Disks Larger Than 2TB.

This is a technical article about Ubuntu and setting up RAID arrays. A little background: I'm all for supporting …

Mark Zaretti - 17th November 2015

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