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Mark Zaretti IT and Media Consulting ZARETTI Consulting Ltd provide web technology and multimedia consulting, provision, support and training for businesses, charities and individuals. To find out how we can help you visit our online business solutions and services page. Founded in 2004 by Mark Zaretti with the name Sparticle Limited. In 2015 the name was changed to ZARETTI Consulting Limited to reflect the merger of Sparticle Ltd (web tech), Spartmedia Ltd (multimedia & training) and Zaretti.com (photography). The timeline below provides more information if you're interested in our history.

Mark Zaretti MSc

I've been building online websites and database systems since the late 90's. My background was scientific (BSc, MSc), and when I graduated, the University of Manchester created a startup company (Sagittus Solutions) selling the bioinformatics software systems and databases I developed to clients internationally. During my time there I helped train bioinforaticians on the Masters program and appeared in Nature magazine. After several years I was head hunted by Pfizer (Global Research and Development) to develop a number of key global research software systems. 5 years later, with a number of software patents to my name, several corporate achievement awards and a legacy of over 50 IT projects in production I decided it was time to take my skills to SMEs and individuals, and ZARETTI Consulting (then called Sparticle) was created.
I'm a creative problem solver, a communicator, and an educator. Put these together with the skills developed during my productive "corporate years" and it means I'm experienced and able to help real people get great IT and creative media services.

A Background in Multimedia

So how does a scientist/geek also end up running a media company? I've always been a photographer and in 2002 with a number of public photography exhibitions, and several commissions working the London music scene I started working as a freelance digital photographer. Once the web consultancy business was running it became clear that there was genuine overlap between the digital media and web technology worlds. Great websites need great photos and online videos. In 2007 I created Spartmedia Ltd to deliver filming and editing of online promotional movies.

Find Out MoreCore Skills, Technologies and Applications.

Web Development Technologies

  • HTML (including HTML5)
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics

Graphic Design Software

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Google SketchUp
  • GIMP

Software Development

  • C++
  • Java
  • Perl
  • XML & XSLT

Server Side

  • Apache 2
  • AJP/1.3
  • Tomcat
  • Postfix

OS Support

  • Ubuntu
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows


  • MySQL
  • Oracle

Communication Skills

  • Neuro Linguistics (NLP) - Practitioner, Master Practitioner with Society of NLP Trainers
  • Persuasion Engineering Training - John Lavalle
  • Sleight of Mouth Training - Doug O'Brien
  • Eriksonian Hypnosis Training - Doug O'Brien
  • Provocative Therapy Training - Creating positive change by spoken word - Frank Farrelly
  • Copy Writing

Film/Movie Multimedia Production

  • Filming
  • Audio Capture
  • Post Production
  • DSLR Photography
  • Adobe Premier Pro - Video Editing
  • Adobe After Effects - Compositing / Effects
  • Adobe Audition - Audio editing & Mastering


  • SLR & DSLR Photography: Canon, Nikon, Leica
  • Studio Photography
  • Street Photogrpahy
  • Events Photogrpahy
  • Location Photogrpahy
  • Fashion Photogrpahy
  • Published in multiple magazines
  • Adobe Photoshop Pro
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Some Interesting Background Details About Mark Zaretti and ZARETTI Consulting Ltd.

Who Else is Involved in ZARETTI Consulting Limited?

I have gathered a team of freelance consultants who support ZARETTI Consulting providing an additional layer of expertise and cover. In no particular order let me introduce our core consultants.

Ash Bostock

Ash Bostock

Ash is a UNIX system administrator, web developer and style sheet wrangler. Out the office he's a talented airbrush artist and enjoys mountainbiking.

Karl Royer

Karl Royer

Karl's the kind of boffin everyone needs to know. He's got a background in electronics and has worked in IT for a long time as a web developer, systems admin and alround tech guru. If you ever meet him ask him about his experiences in EMP research, he'll have you in stitches of laughter! When not being a geek he's usually out sailing.

David Zaretti Film Crew credited on IMDB

David Zaretti

David works on high profile movies for Hollywood and is primarily concerned with Visual Effects Compositing, Special Effects, Colour Grading and editing. His films are listed on imdb (Internet Movie Data Base).

Aless Bow

Aless Bow

Aless is an exceptional photographer having worked with many famous models, artists, musicians and celebs in the London scene. She's also knows a fair bit about filming and media too. Aless is a great team player!

John Hodgson

John Hodgson

John is an expert in big systems hardware and networking with years of experience at IBM. Out of the office and John's usually tinkering with an engine or riding his Ducatti. A great guy with an infectious laugh!

The History of ZARETTI Consulting Limited

88-93 Dane Court Grammar School

9 A grade GCSEs. A levels in Physics, Maths, Biology.

93-95 Uni. of Manchester BSc Biology

I studied Biology specialising in immunology, biochemistry and anatomy.

95-96 Neures. Research Scientist

1 year @ Neures researching role of Matrix Metaloproteases in Multiple Sclerosis using monoclonal antibodies to record enzyme activity in ELISA assays.

96-97 Uni. of Manchester Graduated BSc Biology IIi

Graduated in Biology.

97-98 Uni. of Manchester MSc Bioinformatics

Graduated in Bioinformatics, Specialising in high performance computing, Perl, C, C++, Java.

98-00 Sagittus Solutions Ltd. Lead Software Engineer

Developed over 40 scientific databases, algorithms and commercial/research web applications.

00-05 Pfizer Inc. Global Software Architect

Developed & delivered several key web applications used internationally including Pharmamatrix & Genebook.

2002 Established Zaretti.com

Photography career starts. London Music Scene, professional portraits, product shoots etc.

2004 Established Sparticle Ltd

Sparticle delivering websites, databases, hosting, consulting and support to SMEs.

2007 Established Spartmedia Ltd

Spartmedia delivers online promotional movies and media training for businesses and individuals.

2013 Merge Spartmedia & Zaretti.com

The photography & business merges with the Spartmedia online film making business to deliver full spectrum digital online media and training in one place.

2015 ZARETTI Consulting Ltd

Recognising the advantages for our clients we merge the online media business with the online solutions and services to create a single company, ZARETTI Consulting, able to deliver a wide range of online business consulting, services, training and support.

ZARETTI Consulting Timeline
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