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Mark Zaretti IT and Media Consultant Hi I'm mark and I've worked in IT since 1997, supporting and training businesses, charities and individuals.

Mark Zaretti MSc - Geek's Biography

I've been building online websites and database systems since the late 90's. My background was scientific (BSc, MSc), and when I graduated, the University of Manchester created a startup company (Sagittus Solutions) selling the bioinformatics software systems and databases I developed to clients internationally. During my time there I helped train bioinforaticians on the Masters program and appeared in Nature magazine.

After several years I was head hunted by Pfizer (Global Research and Development) to develop a number of key global research software systems. 5 years later, with a number of software patents to my name, several corporate achievement awards and a legacy of over 50 IT projects in production I decided it was time to take my skills to SMEs and individuals, and I setup a consulting firm called Sparticle Ltd where I enjoyed working as a creative IT problem solver, communicator, and educator.

A Background in Multimedia

Creativity doesn't end at the keyboard and so I also ended up running a media company. You see I'd always been a photographer and in 2002 with a number of public photography exhibitions, and several commissions working the London music scene I started working as a freelance digital photographer. Once the web consultancy business was running it became clear that there was genuine overlap between the digital media and web technology worlds. Great websites need great photos and online videos and so in 2007 I created Spartmedia Ltd to deliver filming and editing of online promotional movies.

After many fun, enjoyable and educational years running my businesses I realised I needed to spread my wings. Running a small firm is great but if you want to explore big data and big infrastructure then you need to get into the larger corporate space. I now work as a DevOps (think SysAdmin/Development) supporting major UK eCommerce sites working from the city of London.

Some Interesting Background Details.

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Mark Zaretti - 13th May 2017

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