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On the 1st of April 2017 this site was updated and the layout was simplified considerably. Some of the web pages are no longer available so if you've followed an old link then that's why you've ended up here.

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How to Download and Make a Local Copy of an Entire Website? 8th April 2017
How to Find Your Server Instance in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management Console 28th February 2017
How to Reply to Comments on Your YouTube Videos: Solve "Comment failed to Post" Issue 15th February 2017
Safely Make an Archive Copy of Your Emails From an IMAP Server to Your Hard Drive Using Thunderbird 14th February 2017
Setting up Mirrored Software (MDADM) RAID1 Array on Ubuntu 14.04 Without Loosing Existing Data On Disks Larger Than 2TB. 17th November 2015
Supercharge Your Email Contact Forms - Avoid the Worst Mistakes People Make With Online Email Contact Forms 5th November 2015
Why Making Your Website Mobile Friendly Improves Client Conversion 13th August 2015
Google Rank Mobile Friendly Websites Higher in 50%+ of Searches. Find Out What This Means For Your Website 23rd March 2015
Private Photography Training Lessons - Understanding ISO and How it Works Comes Up Often 9th February 2015
7 Reasons Why You Really Need an EMail Signature & How To Do It Right 27th January 2015
Stronger Client Conversion Using Professional Images In Website Design (Part 1) 26th January 2015
Responsive Website Design - Fluid Grids, Images and Logos That Resize 11th January 2015
Filming in Lake Orta, North Italy for a Documentary About Martial Arts 3rd July 2014
Photography Lessons: Taking Great Pictures with Your iPhone or Smartphone 4th May 2014
Documentary Filming Abroad: PAG Batteries and Black Magic 4K Filming... 24th April 2014
The Korg Volca Beats - Hands on Review, Beginners Tutorial and First Impressions 13th March 2014
DSLR Photography Training: Capturing Action with Continuous Shooting Mode. 3rd March 2014
What Is The Lifestyle of an International Travelling Documentary Filmmaker? 20th February 2014
Avoiding Getty Fines. Make Sure Your Online Images Are Not Copyrighted 13th February 2014
Getty Images is out To Getty Small Businesses... Be Warned! 12th February 2014
Operating The Main Spotlight For A Fashion Show - Dane Court Grammar School 1989! 8th February 2014
Where'd You Find a Camera Man in Bangalore at Night? On a Roof Top of Course 1st February 2014
How To Set Up a Camera to Take Photographs In Low Light 31st January 2014
Why Videos Are the Smart Way to Engage in Q&A With The Public 5th December 2013
Photography Training Exercise, Selective Focus With Shallow Depth of Focus 30th November 2013
Ross Martin From Huddersfield Uni Interviews the Zaretti Bros About Post Production 13th November 2013
BTS - Filming Training Events in Vienna, Austria 3rd November 2013
Video Blog: Mark Reflects on Filming Corporate Training in Goa, India 6th October 2013
Editing Your Own Footage - Should You Get Professional Editing? 26th September 2013
Photo Training: How To Take Long Exposure Shots in Bright Sunshine 16th August 2013
How To Prevent Images From a Samsung Smartphone From Being Stalked 14th August 2013
Leica M v Canon 5D mk III Review, Training, Tutorial & Menu Walkthrough 27th July 2013
Behind The Scenes: End Of The Day Filming Training Workshops In Tokyo 14th July 2013
Sony NEX VG30 mini review 20th June 2013
What To Take When Filming Travel and Events Abroad - What's In The Bag? 19th June 2013
Adding a Gallery Could Boost Website Traffic by 87% 16th June 2013
Website Analytics Report - Social Media Marketing & Blogging for success 13th June 2013
Calverley Woods Outdoor Filming Using ND Filters on Prime Lenses (5D mk 3) 5th June 2013
Weighing up SEO Companies: Why Businesses Waste Time & Money. 29th May 2013
Review of Marantz PMD661 Solid State Audio Recorder 24th May 2013
Building your social media audience 23rd May 2013
An Independant Filmmakers Perspective on The Right Kit For The Job. 20th May 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness: Review & Digital Compositing Under the Spotlight 16th May 2013
Hints for Photographing Rock Climbers - Lessons From Stanage Rocks 7th May 2013
My Office on the go - Office Essentials for working remotely 2nd May 2013
Info-graphic: The Ingredients for a Successful Online Presence 29th April 2013
Taking Pictures of the Full Moon 27th April 2013
No commercial or promotional videos here please... just creative goodness 25th April 2013
Leica M Camera... Rangefinder loveliness 17th April 2013
Does Your Website Work on All Browsers and Devices? 9th April 2013
Hints and Tips on Vocal Recording Equipment Setup and Use. 26th March 2013
The Three Secrets to Better SEO.... don't tell anyone! 8th March 2013
Remembering our Friend Frank Farrelly - RIP 1931 - 2013 13th February 2013
Frank Farrelly - RIP 1931 - 2013 12th February 2013
Protecting your Family and Friends Privacy on Facebook 9th February 2013
Practical Business Social Media Marketing Advice For Normal People! 29th December 2012
Rapport Magazing Article: Promoting Your Business With Online Videos 28th December 2012
Happy Christmas to all our business clients from the Sparticle Team 16th December 2012
Photography for Websites 25th November 2012
How the HTML Code For Your Website Impacts on Your SEO 26th June 2012
It's here!!!! The new Canon 5D Mark III - Ideal for wedding, sports and creative photography - Review 21st May 2012
Behind the Scenes - Mini Documentary Showing Kit Used For Adventure Cycle Filming 13th May 2012
Street Photography Leads to Doing A Commercial Shoot in Humus Bar, Budapest, Hungary 31st March 2012
Timelapse and Music Video of Artist Carol Arter Creating a Sculpture 12th March 2012
Marketing Your Business Using Movies Embedded into Websites 28th February 2012
Cameras, Charities and Chains... filming London to Paris Cycle Ride 12th February 2012
Night Time Long Exposure Self Portraits - Calverley Leeds 8th February 2012
22 Mei Film Review - Leeds International Film Festival 4th November 2011
Canon Pro Event 2011 - 1D X and the missing 3D cameras 26th October 2011
Architectural Photographs From a Different Perspective 17th October 2011
Behind the Scenes Pre Wedding Photoshoot @ Starr Studios London 2nd October 2011
Capturing Pro Audio for Film Making: Sennheiser, Marantz PMD661, Zacuto & Rycote 13th September 2011
HD Outdoor Film Making - Filming in Machu Picchu, Peru 8th September 2011
Outdoor Adventure Filming in Peru - Canon 5D mk II DSLR JAG35 & Zacuto Rig 7th September 2011
Behind the Scenes - High Altitude Adventure Filming in Andes Mountains, Peru 5th September 2011
Solar Powered Recharging of Film Cameras and Laptop at Basecamp 4th September 2011
Filming on the Inca Trail using Zacuto Rig with 5D mark II 4th September 2011
Filming Opportunity while Driving to the Inca Trail 4th September 2011
Filming and Photography at the Inca Site - Sacsayhuaman 3rd September 2011
Cameras and Bags all Packed for Filming the Inca Trail in Peru. 3rd September 2011
Outdoor Adventure Filming - Machu Picchu & Inca Trail. With Zacuto, Jag 35, Sennheiser & Canon 5D Mk II 1st September 2011
Outdoor Filming = Lots of Memory Cards 28th August 2011
Canterbury - The Old Marlow Theatre - Photograph at Night 12th July 2011
Outdoor Action Filming: London to Paris 2011 - Adventure Filming - Charities UK, France 7th July 2011
Time Lapse and Action Cams - Promotional Movie - Wall getting Plastered 31st May 2011
Using SEO to get more visitors to your website. 26th May 2011
DSLR Canon 5D Mark II Zacuto Z-Finder 2.5 Genus Follow Focus Jag35 filming Rig 18th May 2011
4 Reasons Why Smart Businesses are already Benefiting from Online Videos to Get More Clients 13th April 2011
Canterbury Cathedral at night 8th April 2011
Filming Outdoors - Whitstable, Herne Bay & Sittingbourne 7th April 2011
Timelapse Filming and Stop Frame Animation 7th December 2010
Website Built and Hosted to Support LionAid Charity - Press Release 29th November 2010
It's a Fact... Websites can Save Your Business Money! 3rd September 2010
How to be great in front of the Camera! 19th July 2010
Mark Zaretti, Presents on Social Networking for Businesses in Canterbury, Kent 1st July 2010
Action Filming: London to Paris Charity Bike Ride 2010 26th June 2010
Facebook takes 150000 lives a year! 9th June 2010
Improving Websites with Online Movies 20th May 2010
Wildlife Photography - in my front garden 19th May 2010
Filming the Three Peaks in Britain - Adventure Filming 14th May 2010
Professional Filming Outdoors 12th May 2010
Filming the Three Peaks Challenge for a National Charity 6th May 2010
Film Review: Kick Ass 2nd April 2010
My Pictures Printed in Magazines and on DVDs 21st January 2010
Digital Retouching 3rd January 2010
Free Anti Virus Software for Windows 17th December 2009
Free Desktop Backgrounds to Download 30th November 2009
World Business Guide - A Potential E Mail Scam 18th October 2009
Free Anti-Spyware Software for Windows 10th October 2009
Sending People Very Large Files - FTP to the Rescue 5th October 2009
Changing the Size of the Text and Pictures in Web Browsers 5th October 2009
Using Online Movies To Increase Website Traffic... part 2 25th September 2009
Increased Hits on Website using YouTube Videos 22nd September 2009
Protecting Your Site 22nd July 2009
Beyond the Image - Boosting Sales! 17th July 2009
New Project - Ride Italy 18th May 2009
Working with Sony HDR camcorder MTS files in Final Cut Pro 13th May 2009
Filming in Leeds 9th May 2009
Final Cut Pro 31st March 2009
Photography for Movies 29th March 2009
Welcome to my new Photography Blog 19th March 2009
Published in a Commercial Magazine 18th July 2008
Photographing Live Music @ Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury 12th February 2008
Photoshoot in Support of Local Charity - Music For Change 7th February 2008
A thousand visitors! 20th June 2007
March 2007 Exhibition Launch 6th March 2007
Photography Exhibition @ the Good Food Cafe, Canterbury 29th September 2006
Barcelona! Travel Photography 28th July 2006
Guild Players Photo Shoot @ Deal Castle, Kent 2nd July 2006
Shooting Photos for Festival Jam @ Jacks Club London 29th May 2006
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